At ECMAS Construction Chemicals, we are constantly evolving in order to draw on new ideas and innovations in a targeted manner for our customers. The innovation potential of the industry is enormous. In order to shape tomorrow’s world of chemistry, we closely collaborate with various partners including customers, affiliates, and suppliers.

With over a decade of recognition as the leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical solutions and products in construction, we play an active role in promoting intelligent change. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with a wide range of advanced chemicals for new construction, maintenance, repair, and renovation of structures.

Our strength in R&D is a major reason why we have been an industry leader for more than a decade in products such as Adhesives, Concrete Admixtures, Cement Additives, Concrete repair, Grouts & Anchors, Industrial Flooring, Joint Sealants, Protective Coatings, and Waterproofing Systems.

Years in the production of high quality, innovative technologies for construction chemicals.
Years is the time period for every reinforced concrete structured project that ECMAS designs to outlast.

Our Solutions

Adhesives & Primers

Choose from our wide range of professional-grade construction adhesives for durable, cost-effective & high-strength bonding.

Cement Additives

Add strength and improved grinding efficiency while reducing production costs and enhancing the quality of your cement.

Concrete Admixtures

Achieve the optimal mix of strength, workability and durability for your concrete structures using our specialty concrete admixtures.

Repair & Restoration

Give weather-worn concrete renewed life and restore it to its former glory using our quick-turnaround repair solutions.


Put your business on a firm footing with our selection of high performance industrial and architectural flooring solutions in various styles and finishes.

Grouts & Anchors

Leverage our tried and tested precision grouting solutions and high-performance grouting & anchoring systems for structural integrity.

WBD Systems

Our patented waterproof drying systems effectively eliminates the dangers of trapped moisture and lets your structures breathe by replacing conventional chemical membranes and mortar.


Close even the tiniest of gaps, joints and openings and keep out moisture, heat and cold and manage thermal stresses with our specially formulated sealants

Protective Coatings

Shield your structure from the elements and effects of corrosive chemicals & pollutants with our impenetrable protective coatings.


Protect the integrity & durability of your structure from costly leaks, water infiltration and damage using our world-class waterproofing systems.

Synthetic Structural Fibers

Improve the durability, tensile strength and mechanical performance of your concrete while also protecting your structure from chemical corrosion and decreasing construction time.

Soil Stabilizers

Transform subgrade into compact, firm, load-bearing soil, reducing porosity and limiting swelling to increase the longevity of your roads.