Adhesives are non-metallic compounds that can permanently join surfaces using an adhesive technique. They are used heavily in construction projects to bond large surfaces and joints. The application of a bonding agent allows multiple concrete layers to operate as a unified unit, boosting the structures strength and performance. Their use in construction projects is increasing continuously due to new building techniques, innovative materials, and increased time pressure.

They are safer, faster and more durable than mechanical fixing, which involves using mechanical tools that usually lead to messy installations, high humidity between the objects and corrosion from the metal fixtures. Primers are a crucial part of the coating system and are applied on the bare substrate, topped with further layers and the paint/waterproofing system. They are used to seal, hide and bond the substrate to provide a strong foundation for additional coatings and liquid waterproofing.  


Primers are made using specialized ingredients that are highly compatible with the substrate and the coating, providing exceptional bonding for the successive coating layers. 

The primer’s primary purpose is to ensure that subsequent layers adhere correctly to the surface. Additionally, applying primer before the coating layer will provide better coverage and a smoother finish appearance. 

ECMAS provides a wide range of adhesives(ECMABOND) and primers(ECMAPRIME) for construction purposes based on acrylic emulsions, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, thixotropic epoxy, bitumen, epoxy polymers and styrene-butadiene rubber.