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Extreme weather conditions like summers can significantly impact the quality and performance of fresh cement, apart from the long-term strength of the concrete structure. Concrete Admix is a highly useful material for various construction applications. However, to ensure effective concreting, the concrete mix must be applied to the formwork at a temperature between 10 to […]

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Additives are chemical compounds that are added to cement during its manufacturing process to improve its mechanical and chemical properties. Cement is made from raw materials like alumina, lime, iron oxide, and silica. These raw materials are heated to over 1500°C after mixing to achieve the final chemical properties. During this process, adding cement additives […]

concrete admixture manufacturers

Around the world, there are several regions that experience subzero temperatures for a long period of time. In such areas, the changing temperature conditions affect the durability and performance of concrete structures. A freeze-thaw cycle causes several damages to the concrete structure, like peeling, cracks, and spalling. Traditionally, this was prevented during the fresh concrete […]

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Concrete is the most popular building material in the world and is made up of cement, water, aggregates, and admixtures. The hydrated cement forms the essential building material in the concrete mix, with the fine and coarse aggregates acting as a medium of dilution. Despite its various benefits, concrete also has several drawbacks like: It […]

Vinyl ester resins were formulated to combine the benefits of epoxy resin with the improved handling and accelerated curing properties of unsaturated polyester resin.  It is made by a reaction between an unsaturated mono carboxylic acid and an epoxy resin, with the base of the polyester resin strengthened by the epoxy molecules.  Why are vinyl […]

Waterproofing Solutions

Wet areas are the spaces where sanitary installations are made or those that are exposed to water, moisture, or rain. Spaces like water closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies are considered wet areas. Based on the concentration, frequency, and the period during which these areas were exposed to water, the uninterrupted water can seriously damage the […]

Integral Crystalline Technology for Durable Concrete 

Concrete is the most used construction material worldwide, popular for its durability and stability. It is easily available, inexpensive, and provides high strength to the structure. However, concrete is also highly porous, and often runs the risk of damage through chemical and water penetration. The movement of water in concrete enables the waterborne chlorides to […]

waterproofing solutions

Most high-rise structures and other large commercial developments are often designed with deep basements. Since the entire load of the superstructure is transferred to the sub-structure, this becomes the most critical part of the whole structure and needs to be in good condition, durable and sustainable in the long run. Normally, substructures are often subjected […]

5 Methods to Minimize Cracks in your Concrete Slab

Concrete is one of the most long-lasting building materials widely used in commercial and residential structures. When reinforced well, it can last for decades without breaking or splitting. On the other hand, it is susceptible to crack in extreme weather conditions if the foundation isn’t. Choosing the right construction chemicals manufacturers in India can help […]

Top Reasons Why Rooftops Require Long-Term Waterproofing

The arrival of the monsoon season brings the wonderful fragrance of moist mud and greenery to the environment. However, the same monsoon takes a toll on our building’s rooftop due to exposure to severe heavy rains. As heavy rain brings a lot of moisture with it. This means that there will be more water flowing […]

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