Concrete floors in industrial & commercial settings are subjected to a lot of damage like heavy impact, chemicals, abrasion & thermal shock. However, concrete floors weren’t designed to withstand such abuse and thus need protection to last long.  

Over the last few decades, the protection of concrete floors in these settings has gone from none to a refined process of using particular components that protect the flooring against contamination & deterioration, apart from providing several additional benefits like chemical & skid resistance, improved aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. 

ECMAS’s range of flooring solutions are specifically designed to protect both new & old concrete floors and provide several additional benefits. Our range includes floor hardeners, self-levelling cementitious/epoxy screeds and self-levelling epoxy-based floor coating. 

For both the areas, three types of waterproofing solutions are incorporated:

Floor Hardeners (ECMAFLOOR 431) 

A floor hardener is a blend of non-metallic hard-wearing aggregates, additives and special cement used on freshly laid concrete to provide a dense, sturdy, and non-porous monolithic surface after curing. It is ideally suited for industrial floors that withstand heavy traffic, like parking lots, loading bays, power plants, heavy engineering factories, etc. 

The floor hardener provides a rigid, non-abrasive surface, which can easily resist an impact 2 or 3 times more than regular concrete flooring. The surface also possesses a superior density and can resist the penetration of grease, oil, hydraulic fuels and several industrial chemicals. 

Selflevelling Cementitious Screed (ECMASCREED) 

Self-levelling cementitious screeds are free-flowing mortar based on synthetic resins, selected fillers, and special cement. They are used to level and smoothen internal and external floors in industrial settings.  

The mixed mortar resists the harmful effects of sunrays, rains, freezing and warm conditions and only requires the addition of water to achieve a fluidic consistency, leading to a levelled surface with water-retaining qualities. 

Self-Levelling Epoxy Screed (ECMASCREED 414) 

Self-levelling epoxy screed is a flowable, heavy-duty, epoxy-based floor screed that provides an easily-cleanable surface with excellent abrasion & chemical resistance properties.  

The screed provides good adhesion to the concrete floor and is designed for use in industrial & commercial settings with medium to light vehicular traffic like forklifts, trolleys, etc. 

Self-Levelling Epoxy Floor Coating (ECMAFLOOR ESL) 

Self-levelling epoxy floor coating is a solvent-free, epoxy resin-based floor coating or topping that bonds easily to provide excellent abrasion & chemical resistance properties and a glossy finish. 

The coating comes with an application thickness of 1 to 3 mm and is heavily used in various industries with medium to light vehicular traffic like forklifts, trolleys, etc.