Grouts are liquid components that fill the space between two surfaces to bond or create a water-resistant seal between them. They are a mixture of cement, sand, water and other construction chemicals and are used for connecting pre-cast concrete sections, pressure grouting, sealing joints, filling voids, and embedding steel rebars in masonry walls. 

Grouts are used in various application areas, fill any voids/recesses, have excellent flow & nonshrinking properties, bond well to concrete and have a quick strength development time. 

At ECMAS, we offer several grouting solutions based on their composition like 

  • Polyester resin 
  • Cement 
  • Polyurethane 
  • Epoxy resin 

Polyester Resin Grout (ECMAGROUT 307) 

Polyester resin grout, also called anchor grout, is a polyester resin-based grouting material used in the form of a mortar. The grout is generally used for heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant anchoring of bars and bolts into various substrates, like concrete, brick, rock or masonry work, that require an early application and quick installation. They can easily be placed underwater, are non-expansive and provide a fast gain in strength while providing excellent resistance to vibration & corrosion. 

Cementitious Grout (ECMAGROUT) 

Cementitious grout is a free-flowing combination of water, cement, graded aggregates and special fillers that gives controlled expanding characteristics in the plastic stage of concrete while minimizing the amount of water used. It offers a rapid strength gain and high ultimate strength, along with high fluidity for placement in any area. They are especially suitable for high-precision grouting in areas like turbine base plates, crane & transporting rails boiler feeding pumps, compressors & for repairing damaged reinforced concrete elements with restricted access. 

Polyurethane Grout (ECMAGROUT PU) 

Polyurethane is an expandable material that is applied using an injection machine with a covered reservoir to fill & seal any voids and cracks. They create an effective barrier to water flow, withstand high hydrostatic pressure, have good adhesion to various substrates and form a high-strength PU foam. They are used in a variety of applications like blocking water leaks, soil stabilization, consolidating loose/unstable soil and for sealing cavities in concrete, mountain rocks, loose rocks & more. 

Epoxy Grout   (ECMAGROUT 306) 

Epoxy grouts are injectable grouts made up of epoxy resin & hardeners specifically designed to seal honeycombs, voids & cracks in concrete and strengthen the concrete structure. They provide high resistance to various chemicals, acids & alkalis, can be used at low temperatures and perform well even in areas with heavy traffic and loads.