Most residential and commercial constructions aim for a service life of 50-70 years. However, most of these are affected by inadequate designs, poor workmanship, improper waterproofing, wrong selection of materials, environmental changes and lack of maintenance, which reduce their lifespan by a large margin. 

WBD systems are a 100% waterproof, breathable & drying solution, a revolutionary technology that provides a very easy and effective solution to all these common problems.  

ECMAS WBD Plasters are supplied as a ready-mixed powder, and only water is added on site. Applied directly to the walls/roofs with a plaster spraying machine or manually using a plastering trowel, it prevents ingress of water from either side of the plaster while remaining air permeable – allowing trapped moisture to escape rapidly, eliminating mildew and bacteria formation. This solution is produced from natural materials and does not contain any harmful or inflammable ingredients or synthetic chemicals. WBD plasters are environment-friendly and non-toxic, making them ideal for also waterproofing drinking water tanks. 

They resist permanent positive water pressure up to 5 bar and negative water pressure up to 1 bar. In both cases, the maximum depth of water penetration into the hardened WBD plasters under continuous water pressure is < 1 mm. The WBD component creates the chemistry, which delays the hydration process of cement and turns the entire mix highly hydrophobic. 

Breathability is a key requirement of finishing materials in a structure to address the basic ventilation requirements. The WBD systems are highly breathable with a vapour diffusion index <15 and allow the water vapour to pass through the layer. 

They provide a total water barrier without a chemical or synthetic membrane and also have a strong drying ability through a large number of micro pores, which permanently dehumidify the wet substrates. 

These are dry-mixed mortars and plasters with dehumidifying ability, based on Portland cement and unique natural WBD mineral admixtures, reinforced with fibres that can be applied as plaster on basement walls, external and internal walls, wet areas, water retaining structures, etc.  

Some of the key benefits of ECMAS’ WBD systems are: 

  • 100% waterproof 
  • Air and vapour are permeable, allowing the trapped moisture to evaporate 
  • Dries out the internal/entrapped moisture 
  • It can be applied to wet surfaces 
  • Prevents salt crystallization/efflorescence 
  • It can be applied by trowel or a spray applicator 
  • No need for additional waterproofing membranes or protection plasters 
  • Excellent cohesion and bonding strength with block, brick and concrete masonry 

ECMAS’ WBD solutions have proven successful in various small and large buildings and infrastructure projects, performing well under the most demanding conditions.