Concrete is the most used construction material worldwide, popular for its durability and stability. It is easily available, inexpensive, and provides high strength to the structure. However, concrete is also highly porous, and often runs the risk of damage through chemical and water penetration.

The movement of water in concrete enables the waterborne chlorides to penetrate the reinforcing steel and cause corrosion, leading to expansive pressure and cracks that negatively impact the structure’s durability.

The conventional method for preventing water ingress in concrete utilizes a liquid or pre-formed waterproofing membrane. However, sheet membranes can easily lose efficiency by a separated seam or puncture and the thickness of liquid-applied membranes is harder to control over uneven surfaces.

In contemporary solutions, integrated waterproofing products like crystalline admixtures are added to the concrete during batching, which makes the concrete water-resistant by blocking its capillary pores and voids.

Crystalline waterproofing admixtures like ECMACRYSTAL 203, ECMACRYSTAL ADMIX 204, and ECMACRYSTAL 205 react with water and un-hydrated cement particles by forming needle-shaped crystals to block the routes for entry and movement of water and the water-borne contaminants. Any moisture introduced during the concrete structure’s life will initiate the crystallization process, thereby ensuring a permanent solution against leakages.

According to various tests performed by various researchers, crystalline admixtures reduced the permeability of concrete by >50%. Also, some long-term studies have reported out that crystalline waterproofing admixtures outperformed other corrosion inhibitors and permeability-reducing admixtures, leading to a structure with increased durability & lifespan, along with lower costs for repairs making such solutions a preferred choice for waterproofing of sub-structures and water retaining structures.

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