Vinyl ester resins were formulated to combine the benefits of epoxy resin with the improved handling and accelerated curing properties of unsaturated polyester resin. 

It is made by a reaction between an unsaturated mono carboxylic acid and an epoxy resin, with the base of the polyester resin strengthened by the epoxy molecules. 

Why are vinyl ester resins preferred over others? 

These resins are heavily used in chemical/construction industry for toughening the matrices of Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRPs). 

This is because the resins, upon reinforcement with glass or carbon fibres, create a material stronger than unsaturated polyester resin & more resilient than epoxy resin. 

What makes it better than other resins? 

The resin has fewer open sites in the molecular chain, making it more resistant to hydrostatic pressure. Thus, it is the most used lining material for water tanks and water treatment plants, complying with British Standard 4994 (the design and specifications of vessels and storage tanks). 

Properties of vinyl ester resins 

Here are some of the prominent properties of vinyl ester resins: 

–         On adding styrene, the viscosity level of vinyl ester resin lies between the epoxy resin and unsaturated polyester resin, leading to slightly reduced strength and easier application. 

–         These resins shrink less after curing, leading to a significantly low pre-release of the laminate. 

–         Moreover, vinyl ester resins are also more tolerant to stretching than Unsaturated polyester resins and have lower sensitivity to ambient humidity and temperature conditions. 

–         They are highly chemical resistant. , 

Applications of Vinyl Ester Resin 

Vinyl ester resins are used heavily in the fabrication of FRP water tanks, water vessels, ducts and maintenance activities in chemical processing plants. It is also used in military & aerospace applications and automobile parts. 

It is easy to apply through hand lay-up, spray, compression moulding and resin transfer processes. 

Why ECMAS’ Vinyl Ester Resins 

ECMAS is one of India’s leading vinyl ester, Unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers. We are primarily engaged in the R&D and development of resins and have been holding a top position in the FRP market. 

Our vinyl ester resins are highly suggested in the fabrication of chemical equipment due to the higher resistance to chemicals like alkalis and acids. 

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