Additives are chemical compounds that are added to cement during its manufacturing process to improve its mechanical and chemical properties. Cement is made from raw materials like alumina, lime, iron oxide, and silica. These raw materials are heated to over 1500°C after mixing to achieve the final chemical properties.

During this process, adding cement additives by construction chemical companies in India improves cement grinding efficiency and narrows particle size distributions (PSDs). This can impact cement performance properties, like settling time, strength, and water demand.

These are made of various chemical compounds, both natural & inorganic, which have a particular effect on the water demand, setting time and strength development of cement.

There are generally three types of cement additives offered by construction chemicals manufacturers in India:

  1. Grinding Aids
  2. Performance enhancers
  3. Productivity enhancers

Grinding Aids

Grinding aids are additives that are used in any type of cement mill to provide several benefits:

  • Increased grinding efficiency of the mill
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved dry fluidity in trucks & silos
  • Increased availability for mill maintenance

They gained popularity in the construction industry in the mid-1900s as a reliable aid for cement processing. Their reputation for reliability is because of the potential to diminish the surface tension between cement particles due to grinding action.

Performance enhancers

Cement performance enhancers by construction chemical companies in India are proven to create stronger, highly fluid, and workable cement, thereby improving its durability and workability.

These enhancers are added during the grinding process of cement to provide benefits like:

  • Reduced residues and improves cement Blaine
  • 5-10% gain in early strength & lateral strength
  • Reduced initial and final setting time
  • Improved silo and truck fluidity, reduced pack-set

Productivity enhancers

Productivity enhancers are widely used in the limestone grinding process to increase productivity, output, and efficiency. They also reduce mill power consumption and make maintenance easier.

These enhancers by construction chemicals manufacturers in India also provide benefits like:

  • 5-6% increased productivity based on mill circuit and type
  • Reduced specific power consumption and increased mill availability
  • Improved silo and truck fluidity, reduced pack-set
  • Enhancement of particle size distribution (PSD) with quality parameters

Cement additives by construction chemical companies in India have a highly positive impact on the characteristics and performance of cement.

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