Extreme weather conditions like summers can significantly impact the quality and performance of fresh cement, apart from the long-term strength of the concrete structure.

Concrete Admix is a highly useful material for various construction applications. However, to ensure effective concreting, the concrete mix must be applied to the formwork at a temperature between 10 to 30°C.

Challenges of concreting in hot weather

As a result of faster water evaporation and cement hydration rates brought on by higher temperatures, the fresh concrete paste increases concrete demand and slump loss, along with a shorter setting time. Other challenges due to hot weather include:

  • Increased setting rate
  • Increased temperature
  • Faster slump loss
  • Need for prompt curing
  • Difficulties in placing and finishing

Precautions for concreting in hot weather

Several precautions can be taken at the construction site to help mitigate the adverse effects of hot weather. These are highly valuable during concrete production and delivery and significantly improve its durability in hot weather.

  • Sprinkle cool water on the formwork or substrate before placement.
  • Pre-schedule mixer trucks to reduce waiting time.
  • Many admixture companies in India can provide you with concrete admixtures that perform well in hot weather. This will help you avoid any issues with your concrete during the warmer months.
  • Schedule placement at night or early morning to limit exposure to harsh temperatures.
  • Minimize logistics, placement, and curing time as much as possible.

Admixtures Used In Hot Weather Concreting

Concrete admixtures play a vital role in increasing the hydration rate of concrete, which leads to improved durability, strength, wear resistance and permeability. In hot weather conditions, concrete admixtures by admixture manufacturers in India can help to maintain a uniform temperature range, which is essential for the long-term success of the concrete.

Some of the most commonly used concrete admixtures in hot weather are:


Concrete can be controlled in hot weather with the help of retarding admixtures. They can be added at the manufacturing facility or the construction site to delay the concrete’s quick setting time.

Retarders by concrete admixture manufacturers temporarily stop hydration’s chemical process, but after the anticipated delay, hardening progresses more quickly.


Water-reducing concrete admixtures, also known as plasticizers, make it possible to produce concrete with about 15% less water. They enhance crucial concrete properties in both the plastic and hardened states.

The improved dispersion and hydration of cement in hardened concrete with plasticizers improve the properties of the concrete.


High-grade water-reducing admixtures or superplasticizers enable a decrease in the water content of 30% or more.

They significantly increase workability and flowability without adding more water, which reduces the need for vibration.

While such admixtures by concrete admixture companies can provide high usability in hot weather concreting applications, care must be taken to ensure that there is no overdose of these materials, as it can lead to concrete deterioration.

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