Summers in India are notorious for being extremely hot and humid with temperatures usually averaging between 32 to 40°C. This extreme weather has an adverse effect on everything and everyone around including roofs and structures.

A roof’s surface absorbs heat, which leads to a higher temperature inside the building and eventually causes damage to the roof.

Solar-reflective protective coatings help prevent this heat absorption and damage. These coatings act as a barrier and reflect solar radiation to prevent it from entering the material and heating up the surface. This helps to reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling and also helps to prevent the material from getting damaged by the heat.

Here are some benefits of using solar-reflective coatings:

Reduces heat

Heat can be extremely damaging to a roof. It also causes discomfort. Solar-reflective protective coatings help reduce heat significantly. Most roofs can reach temperatures of up to 65°C or more on a sunny afternoon. But with a solar reflective coating, the roof stays more than ten degrees cooler. These protective coatings help reflect sunlight away from the surface which reduces the heat of heat into the building making the building a lot cooler.

ECMAS, one of the best construction chemical companies in India, manufactures a high-quality titanium dioxide protective coating called ECMAGUARD THERMOCOAT which reflects >80% of Solar Radiation. Not only that, its speciality Nano Ceramic hollow spheres help reduce heat transmission.

Reduces energy cost

A cooler building helps reduce energy costs significantly. A solar-reflective protective coating helps reduce heat absorption and heat flow from the roof to the inside of the house. This helps cool down the interior. Which in turn decreases the use of air conditioning and helps lower energy bills. Also, lower usage of air conditioning helps reduce carbon footprint.

Prevents damage

Solar-reflective coatings will help prolong the lifespan of the roof or surface. Once the coating is applied, it protects the roof from the damaging effects of UV rays and extreme temperatures. Less damage means less repair and maintenance thus helping save on costs as well.

Easy application

A major benefit of solar reflective protective coating is its ability to adhere to a wide range of surfaces. No matter whether the surface is made of metal, concrete, asphalt, etc, the protective coating can be applied without any issue. This makes it a suitable option for many different types of buildings and structures.

Reduces urban heat island effect

The urban heat island effect occurs when a dense concentration of pavements and buildings absorb and retain heat. This results in higher temperatures, more pollution, and higher carbon emissions. With solar-reflective protective coating buildings by construction chemical suppliers like ECMAS, the urban heat island effect can minimize the heat absorbed and re-emitted by the structure.

Final thoughts

Want to know more about solar-reflective protective coatings for roofs and external surfaces? ECMAS is one of the leading construction chemicals suppliers and manufacturers. We offer a wide range of protective coatings which will protect a surface from various elements like chemicals, carbonation, sunlight, acid rains, UV rays, and corrosion. Visit our website today to know more.