Synthetic Waterproofing Membrane

Synthetic waterproofing membrane produced by co-extruding a UV resistant elastomerised TPO/FPA thermoplastic olefin and flexible polypropylene alloy with a fibreglass reinforcing mat that makes it dimensionally stable. The membrane features contrasting colours on its upper and lower faces, providing a signal layer so that any damage occurring during or after installation will be immediately apparent. Also available in REFLECTA WHITE version with the upper side of the membrane (top) manufactured with the REFLECTA WHITE treatment, developed in mass in the entire layer that covers the top of the reinforcement. This process enhances the reflectance and emission features giving the waterproof covering Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) values that reach 102%.

Application Details

SINTOFOIL membranes are applied through hot air gun on their overlapping joints, as no adhesives or other materials of any kind are required. Design solutions and application methods are illustrated in the technical manual published by ECMAS. Waterproofing systems employing SINTOFOIL membranes should be laid by installers authorized by ECMAS.


Specific use
• Waterproofing layers loose laid under heavy-duty fixed or movable protection for:
- Roofing exposed to foot traffic;
- Roof gardens.
• Mechanically retained waterproofing for:
- Exposed roofs.

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