Single-component fiber-reinforced cement mortar for flexible waterproof coating

RASOCEMFLEX MONO is a premixed cement-based mortar containing selected aggregates, super fluidifying additives, specific agents for shrinkage control during plastic and hardened states and polypropylene fibers. With the additions of water, a highly adhesive mortgage of variable fluidity is obtained for sub-base waterproof coating. Also ideal for filling in pores and micro-cracks.


RASOCEMFLEX MONO guarantees surface finish of excellent aesthetic quality.
The use of RASOCEMFLEX MONO also guarantees:
• Easy and quick application and finish
• Extended workability over time
• Good elastic deformation
• Adhesion to concrete after 28 days higher than 2N/mm2
• Resistance to chemical etching such as chlorides, sulphates, acid rain, carbon dioxide
• Freeze/thaw resistance


• Protection of concrete waterproofing
• Protection of exterior basement walls
• Protection of buildings exposed to marine aerosol
• Waterproofing of terraces, balconies, etc.
• Waterproofing of foundation destined to tile installation

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