Self-Adhesive SBS Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane

ECMASHIELD SA is a self-adhesive(peel & stick type), factory made, cold applied, easy to install waterproofing membrane,designed to meet the high mechanical performance. ECMASHIELD SA is made from Bitumen/asphalt compound modified with SBS and high tack resins, stabilizers and inert fillers to improve cold weather flexibility and upper surfaces is finished with a cross laminated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film.


• Quick and easy Application even on vertical walls
• Cold Application-No flame needed for Application
• Elastomeric and stable membrane
• Highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other contaminations
• Excellent cold flexibility
• Neat and clean Application
• Suitable for differed substrates like concrete, plywood, cement boards


• Old and new flat or sloped roofs
• Underground structures like basements & foundations
• Podiums & planter boxes