Twin Color Geo Membrane With Single Layer

Flexible synthetic waterproofing membrane in polyvinyl chloride, obtained through a co-extrusion process. Single layer membrane in two-color version (signal-layer). The different colors on the two sides, light on the exposed surface and dark behind , make it possible to immediately identity any damage to the membrane during installation. This geomembrane is not suitable for permanent exposure to UV radiation.


• Signal layer
• Hardly combustible (B2-ON 3800/1, B2-DIIN 4102, IV.2-SIA 280, CLASS E-EN 1SO 11925)
• Resistant to swelling, totting and ageing
• Very high level of water tightness, even with Permanente deformation
• High capacity for adaptation to irregularities or deformation of support due to its high deformability and weld strength
• High resistance to puncturing
• Root resistance in accordance with En14416


• Heavy duty waterproofing of basements (raft & retaining walls)
• Podium slabs
• UG structures such as UG metro station buildings
• Tunnels
• Lining of sewage canals, STP tanks, water reservoirs, tec.