Hydro-Swelling Joint Sealing Strip

ECMASEAL HYDROSWELL is water swellable, hydrophilic rubber based, joint sealing strip for construction joints, cold joints, pipe penetrations, subterranean prefab constructions, etc. EMASEAL HYDROSWELL compacted in in-situ concrete or between prefabricated concrete elements, will expand volumetrically in contact with water form a watertight seal in the joints


• Excellent expansion properties in contact with water • Seals the voids in the joints • Flexible and elastic, can absorb construction movements • Reversible and infinite swell capability • Expands slowly to ensure non-disturbance of fresh concrete • Does not corrode or degrade in fully immersed condition • Easy to install


• Construction and cold joints in concrete • Underground concrete structures such as basements, water reservoirs, swimming pools, UG metro constructions, tunnels, etc. • Pipe penetrations • Sewer systems • Subterranean prefabricated concrete elements

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