Thermal & Sound Insulating 100% Waterproof Lightweight Drying Screed

ECMASCREED LWD is an industrially dry-mixed thermal and sound insulating 100% waterproof breathable lightweight screed with dehumidifying ability. It is based on Portland cement, silica sand, unique natural admixture and PP fibres. It is mixed at construction site with polystyrene beads for application on above-ground constructions used as replacement for traditional waterproofing and thermal insulation materials. Provides long-term solution to a problem of water penetration to the concrete slab and simultaneously provides long-term solution of ventilation and drying of wet concrete slab. It does not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients.


• Easy Application • High bonding strength • Economical • Water retaining and self-curing • Improve strength


ECMASCREED LWD is applied manually (using standard tools for screeding). Minimum recommended thickness is 25 mm applied at one layer. Surface of ECMASCREED LWD is finished by steel trowel. Surface of ECMASCREED LWD can be sloped if slope to drain is required.