Hydrophobic & Dehumidifying White Cement Base Wall Putty

ECMAS HI-FINISH is a 100% waterproof (resistant against heavy rain / monsoon rain with water penetration less than 1 mm) and dehumidifying (with high volume of microspores which allows permanent dehumidifying process of wet substrate), white superfine skim coat. It provides long-term solution to a problem of water penetration to the wall and simultaneously provides long-term solution of ventilation and drying of wet walls without any harmful content or toxic ingredients.


• World-unique skim coat – simultaneously 100% waterproof, breathable and dehumidifying
• Resistant against penetration of water from heavy rain / monsoon rain
• Highly breathable and abrasion resistant
• Dehumidifying ability – constantly dries out moisture from inside the wall and allows it to evaporate outside
• Excellent adhesion to the substrate with minimum waste during application
• Resistant against salt crystallization and Sulphur-resistant
• Applicable on damp surface and manually or by plastering machine
• Smooth and white superfine finish, corrects uneven surface
• Non-toxic


Applicable on vertical surface (concrete wall and plastered wall) both for renovation of existing / historical buildings and for new buildings:
• External plastered wall/precast concrete wall/cast-in-place concrete wall
• Internal plastered wall / precast concrete wall / cast-in-place concrete wall