Plastering and waterproofing in one step. ECMAS HARD is an extremely waterproof dry plaster mixture that will create a waterproof membrane after application; while it stays breathable at the same time. Proprietary Hydrophobic Ingredient WBD Component HARD is the key component that ensures waterproof characteristic of the product. ECMAS HARD offers a permanent solution by eliminating the problems of water leakage. The plaster is produced from natural materials and does not contain any harmful or inflammable ingredients and it is environment friendly, making it also possible for waterproofing drinking water tanks.


• Applicable as above-grade or sub-grade waterproofing
• Breathable – Air and Vapor permeable allowing trap moisture to evaporate
• It is possible to apply to wet surfaces
• Frost-resistance and sulfate-proof
• Prevention against salt crystallization
• It can be applied manually (trowel) or with a spray applicator
• No need for additional membranes or ceilings
• Excellent cohesion and bonding strength
• No bituminous or toxic ingredients
• Prevents salt efflorescence


• Cellars, shafts and underground constructions from groundwater
• Permanent interior and exterior renovation of soaked, wet, salt-damaged
walls of traditionally built buildings
• Stuccoing of structured to protect against water damage
• Bathrooms, shower bath, balconies
• Oversized concrete tanks, roof-gardens, planter boxes and swimming pools