Single Component, Polyurethane Primer

ECMAPRIME PU is single component, low viscous, moisture cured, high quality polyurethane primer used to promote the bonding and adhesion of Polyurethane/ Polyurea coatings or Polyurethane sealants to concrete or cementitious surfaces. ECMAPRIME PU has a long overcoat window as well as optimum adhesion characteristics. It begins curing when exposed to air.


• Easy Application by Brush or Spray • Low Viscosity primer will provide more coverage area • Improve adhesion with concrete structure • Faster Drying Time


ECMAPRIME PU is used as a high-performance primer cum sealer coat on concrete & other porous surfaces or concrete joints to promote adhesion of waterproofing membranes, protective coatings and polyurethane sealants such as ECMACOAT FLEX PU 30, FLEX PU 40, FLEX PU 60, ECMACOAT FLEX PUR, ECMAFLEX PUF, ECMASEAL PU 1K, etc.