Epoxy Resin based Primer/ Impregnator

ECMAPRIME EI is two component, low viscous, solvent-based epoxyimpregnating primer having good penetration properties in concrete & cementitious substrates. It is designed with superior Epoxy Polymers to give impregnating priming on concrete surfaces with Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings.


• Easy application by Brush, Roller, or Spray • Improves the adhesion of epoxy floors with PU toppings/Coatings • Excellent surface penetration • Economical


ECMAPRIME EI having good penetrating and adhesion properties is suitable for priming concrete surfaces & steel substrates prior to application ECMACOAT FLEX PU 40, ECMACOAT FLEX PU 60 2K, ECMACOAT FLEX PUR 10 and ECMACOAT FLEX PUR 20.