ECMAGUARD WPL is a high-quality water proofing liquid based on specially selected organic polymers, designed to provide excellent water proofing for concrete and mortar. The presence of this integral compound resists and reverses the normal tendency of hardened concrete to absorb water by capillary action and makes the concrete totally sealed against penetration of water (or liquids).ECMAGUARD WPL confirms to IS 2645 - 1975.


• Improves workability, cohesion of the mix even at a reduced water cement ratio. It disperses uniformly & easily with the other ingredients of concrete / mortar mix and improve overall quality of concrete. • Improves waterproofing by reduction of permeability of concrete or mortar. • Reduces dampness, sweating, efflorescence, saltpetre action and fungal growth on plaster surfaces. • Chloride free, does not cause corrosion. • Compatible with all types of OPC, PPC PFA, GGBFS, Silica fume etc.


General concrete works such as roof slabs, sunken slabs, balconies, water tanks, basements etc & wherever there is requirement for water proofing and high-quality concrete. • In rendering / plastering work on all brick walls in Residential and Industrial Structures. • In silos, basement structures and for damp-proof course in residential buildings. • For repair / maintenance work of existing damp wall, saltpetre in brick work. • As an integral damp proofing /waterproofing compound in concrete for roof, slab etc. • In marine structures and sea‐facing buildings.