Exposure grade, Elastomeric Waterproof Coating

ECMAGUARD PROOFCOAT is pure acrylic base, elastomeric, high build, Eco-friendly, weather resistant, exposure grade waterproofing coating. This highly elastomeric coating with excellent bonding & waterproofing, can be used for new and old concrete structures and masonry. It is designed to resist algae & fungus and to protect structures from harmful effects of water penetration.


• Water Based, Non-Toxic, Non-flammable and User friendly • Eco-friendly - no VOC content • Seamless coating with high dry film thickness – long lasting • Excellent crack bridging capability • Excellent tensile and bond strength with substrate • Excellent UV resistance • Single Component with easy application • Can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray on horizontal & vertical surfaces • Excellent Bonding with concrete, masonry surfaces, metal, wood, etc. • Can be tinted to different shades using suitable pigments


• Waterproofing of old and new Flat or Sloped Roofs • Metal/ Concrete Roofs/Asbestos/ Cement Roofing Sheets • Waterproofing of old and new Concrete Roofs and Walls