Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam for High-Performance Thermal Insulation

ECMAFLEX PUF is two-component polyurethane resin (PUR) based foam that is applied with a specially designed spraying machine. It provides high performance thermal insulation for green roofs, walls etc.


• Spray applied – Fast installation on large surfaces, easy application on complex details for metals, glass and other impervious surfaces.
• Thermal Insulation-Outstanding thermal insulation with high R value
• Seamless – No joints
• Root resistant
• Very good adhesion to most of the building material like concrete, wood, steel, etc
• High compressive strength
• Good Chemical resistance


ECMAFLEX PUF is formulated to provide an easy, fast and sure system for roofing and wall systems, tank insulation, cold storages where seamless thermal insulation is required.