Dry- Shake Crystalline Waterproofing for Concrete Substrates

Ecmacrystal 205 is a special formulation designed specifically for a dry-shake application on horizontal concrete surfaces. It is a crystalline capillary waterproofing system containing proprietary blend of portland cement, quartz aggregate which has been crushed and graded to particle sizes suitable for concrete floors and special chemicals. Ecmacrystal 205 becomes an integral part of the concrete surface thereby eliminating problems normally associated with coatings (flaking, dusting and delamination).


• Resists hydrostatic pressure from either positive or negative surface of the concrete slab. • Becomes an integral part of the substrate • Can seal static hairline cracks up to 0.5mm • Non-toxic / No VOCs • Resists chemical attack of sewage and industrial wastes • Cost-effective • Does not inhibit concrete from breathing


• Sewage treatment and water treatment plants, tanks, foundations, tunnels and manholes. • Below -grade structures. • Foundation Slabs • Bridge Decks • Reservoirs, water holding structures etc.