Crystalline Mortar for Waterproofing Sealing of Concrete Joints

ECMACRYSTAL 206 is a crystalline waterproofing mortar, consisting of proprietary blend of Portland cement, quartz aggregates, micro-fibers, anti- shrinkage additives and special active chemicals. It is in powder form, when mixed with water becomes a troweled/ putty consistency mortar that is used to repair and permanently waterproof sealing of inner honeycombed or damaged concrete patches, construction joints, cracks, etc. ECMACRYSTAL 206 crystalline mortar when used to seal concrete joints/ cracks, etc. comes in contact with water reacts with un-hydrated cement particles and moisture to form millions of needle-shaped crystals which grow and seal the cracks, pores, voids and capillaries in the concrete, thereby providing lasting imperviousness to water.


• Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure from either positive or negative surface of the concrete slab
• High compressive strength
• Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals, resists chemical attack of sewage and industrial wastes
• Can seal hairline cracks up to 0.5 mm.
• Non-toxic and VOC Free, safe for contact with potable water
• Contains no chloride
• Suitable for external and internal applications.


ECMACRYSTAL 206 crystalline waterproofing system is used for waterproof sealing of Leaking cracks, Joints, Patches of damaged/ honeycomb concrete, Covings, Tie-rod Holes, Pipe penetrations, etc. in concrete constructions. This mortar can also be used for stopping active leaks in a wide variety of conditions. When used in conjunction with ECMACRYSTAL 203 coating, ECMACRYSTAL ADMIX 204 & ECMACRYSTAL 205 Dry shake system or any other waterproofing system, it greatly improves water tightness of the concrete structures.