Two-component, highly elastic, spray-applied, hybrid polyurea waterproofing membrane

ECMACOAT FLEX PUR 10 is a two component, hot spray applied, fast curing, solvent free, hybrid Polyurea membrane designed for variety of high-performance waterproofing and protective coating applications where high degree of chemical and mechanical resistance is required. It is very reactive and applied with two component, high pressure, hot spray machine.


• Forms a jointless and seamless, monolithic surface and can be applied on simple & complex architectural surfaces, vertical surfaces, etc. • Excellent physical & mechanical properties: high tensile strength, excellent crack-bridging ability, abrasion resistance, etc. • Flexible, Seamless and fully bonded membrane. • Adheres well to almost any substrate with suitable primer. • Quicker application with Spraying machine and it cures in seconds. The waterproofed area can be returned to service immediately. • 100% solids, “no VOC” and odorless.


• Waterproof and protective coating for concrete, steel, substrates in variety of applications like • Podium decks, Roof gardens, Green roofs • Swimming Pools, Water Tanks • Cut and cover tunnels. • Waste Water treatment plants, Sewage effluent pipelines. • Steel and concrete pipes.