Single component, Polyurethane resin based Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane (Non-exposure grade)

ECMACOAT FLEXPU 30 is a single component, cold applied, highly elastic, pure Polyurethane resin based high performance waterproofing membrane. It is free from bitumen/ coal tar. Conforming to ASTM C-836-95 & ASTM C-898-95.


• Easy, fast and sure system for waterproofing
• Can be applied by brush, roller, squeeze or using a suitable spray gun.
• Very flexible to withstand movements
• Excellent crack bridging
• Membrane remains flexible for a very long time
• Good resistance to chemical and bacterial growth
• High tensile and tear strength to withstand challenging situations
• Low VOC – environment friendly
• Self-leveling and rollable


• Flat or Pitched Roofs
• Terraces, Green Roofs
• Podiums, Planters, Utility Areas
• Swimming Pools, etc.