High Performance, Hydrophobic, Breathable, Drying &Highly Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Coating

ECMACOAT 201F is a pre-packed, two components, high performance product based on unique formulation of acrylic polymers, special minerals &graded fillers to provide avery flexible, waterproof, hydrophobic, breathable& drying coating for new and existing concrete and masonry surfaces. ECMACOAT 201F has excellent weathering resistance and crack bridging property. ECMACOAT 201F will create a tough & durable, waterproof membrane after application, while it stays breathable and allows drying at the same time. Hydrophobic ingredient IZO component is the key component that ensures special characteristics of the product.


• Highly flexible and elastomeric with good crack bridging abilities to accommodate thermal movements • Excellent waterproof capability with air permeability and drying effect • Prevents salt efflorescence and resist carbon dioxide, chloride and sulphate ions • Non-Toxic – safe for potable water contact • Can be applied on wet or damp substrates • Able to withstand heavy topping without fracture


As a tough, durable, waterproofing & protective membrane suitable for: • Terrace & Podium slabs • Underground structures like Basements & Foundations • Bathrooms, Balconies, Shower & Utility Areas etc. • Water tanks and Swimming Pools

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