Two Component, Flexible, Acrylic Polymer based Waterproof Coating

ECMACOAT 201 is a Two-Component, acrylic polymer based, flexible, cementitious waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry structures. It is a pre-packed product, both components are mixed at site without addition of water or solvent. It is applied by a stiff brush, or trowel to obtain the desired thickness. ECMACOAT 201 has excellent weathering resistance and provides a tough and durable waterproofing coating which effectively seals concrete masonry walls and bridges static shrinkage cracks.


• Flexible and elastic, can bridge shrinkage cracks
• Excellent adhesion – Bonds to porous and nonporous surfaces
• Non-Toxic – safe for potable water tanks
• No primer required, easy to apply by brush or trowel
• Able to withstand heavy topping without fracture
• Can be applied to wet &damp substrates
• Can be painted over or tiled over


As a waterproof membrane for:
• Terraces & slopping roofs
• Toilets, Balconies & Utility areas
• Water tanks
• Swimming Pools,
• Basements, etc.