ECMA Multi-Inject

Re-injectable Grouting Hose for Construction Joints

ECMA MULTI-INJECT Grouting Tube is specially designed perforated, flexible solid PVC Injection tube systems which can be installed in concrete construction joints to seal the joints water-tight and also to seal any cracks or voids in the joint areas. It’s unique uni-directional valve design allows hose to be re-injected multiple times, if necessary. This grouting hose offers a complete maintenance program if leakage appears in the future. If water test performed and voids in the joint area are indicated the voids should be filled with injecting material like Acrylic or PU Gel grouting compounds (generally termed as PU Gels or Acrylate gel) depending on site requirement.


• Water-tight sealing of Construction Joints and Cracks in Basements, Tunnels, Water Retaining or Water excluding UG concrete structures
• Multi use system – can be used many times to repair leaks during life cycle of the structure using Acrylate or PU Gels
• No further drilling necessary fix nozzles for injection grouting


• Easy & secure installation, very cost effective
• Can be used in complex and difficult situations
• Ideal back-up in combination with swellable water bars in critical situations