Single Component Sealant

BETONSEAL MS 2.0 is a solventless and isocyanate‐free, one component and neutral sealant based on MS PolymerTM, with low elasc modulus, fast cross‐linking, high elascity and excellent adhesion properes to many substrates, without any need to use a primer. Moreover, BETONSEAL MS 2.0 exhibits excellent UV and weather resistance, almost no shrinkage and permanent elascity at temperatures ranging from ‐40°C to +100°C.

Where to Use

BETONSEAL MS 2.0 is used to make:

• Flashings and gutters elastic coupling with the building structure consisting of the following materials:

o Sand and cement screeds primed with NORPHEN FONDO IGRO and copper,
normal galvanized and pre-painted metal sheets, all types of stainless steel
anodized aluminum degreased with BETONSEAL CLEANER;

o Sand and cement screeds treated with NORPHEN FONDO IGRO and rigid PVC
treated with BETONSEAL PRIMER;

• Elastic coves on terraces after the treatment of cement surfaces with NORPHEN FONDO IGRO;

• Treatment of non-structural joints on terraces before laying BETONGUAINA.S

• Cracks waterproof “bridge” sealing on screeds to be coated with BETONGUAINA.S treated with NORPHEN FONDO IGRO;

• Exposed sealing of non structural-joints on tiles, both as fractioning joint and expansion joint.


BETONSEAL MS 2.0 adheres without a primer to many substrates provided they are clean and without dust, loose parts or grease. However, to certain substrates adhesion develops only performing the pretreatments.