General Purpose Orthophthalic FR Gel Coat Resin

ECMALON 4426 is an Orthopthalic based polyester laminating gelcoatresin with self - Extinguishing characteristics. It is recommended for the use either alone or with gel coat resin grade ECMALON 4426 is general purpose fire-retardant mouldings complying with the requirement of 'VERY LOW FLAMMABILITY' TYPE: I rating as per I.S.6746 : 1994. This gel coat resin is suited for hand lay-up and filament winding applications.

Liquid Resin Properties

Liquid ECMALON 4446 Polyester resin has the following Characteristics:

1.ECMALON 4426 is Curable with free radical initiating catalyst at room temperature.
2.Cobalt Accelerator and MEKP Catalyst are particularly suitable for curing at room temperature.
3.The quantities of Catalyst and Accelerator applied can be adjusted for a shorter or longer gel time by increasing or decreasing Catalyst, Accelerator or both.