Isophthalic Infusion Fire Retardant Resin with Pre-Accelerated

ECMALON 8887 is an Isopthalic based Infusion polyester resin with self - Extinguishing characteristics. ECMALON 8887 is Isopthalic Infusion fire-retardent mouldings complying with the requirement of 'VERY LOW FLAMMABILITY' TYPE: I rating as per I.S.6746: 1994.This resin is suited for Infusion and filament winding applications.

Liquid Resin Properties

Liquid ECMALON 8887 Polyester resin has the following Characteristics:

ECMALON 8887 is Curable with free radical initiating catalyst at room temperature.
Cobalt Accelerator and MEKP Catalyst are particularly suitable for curing at room temperature.