High Performance, Polysulphide Sealant

ECMASEAL PS is two-part, Polysulphide sealant. It is elastic, weather-resistant, non-sagging, tear resistant and water-tight with outstanding adhesion to practically all surfaces when used with the correct primer. ECMASEAL PS is supplied in 2 packs, for sealing horizontal and vertical joints where pronounced cyclical movement is expected and where the service conditions would be harsh for most common sealants.


• Provides uniform, water tight seal. • Has good adhesion to most substrates. • Highly resilient with excellent recovery characteristics and thermal flexibility. • Flexible, Tear resistant, Chemical & fuel resistant. • Prevents cracking by allowing expansion / contraction during atmospheric changes


It is ideal for use in expansion joints in reinforced concrete structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, reservoirs, water treatment works, sea walls and roads, etc. It can also be used in floor joints subject to heavy usage where a high resistance to damage is required.