Solvent Free, High Strength Pourable/Flowable Epoxy Grouting Compound

ECMAREP 506 is three component, solvent free epoxy grout with pourable consistency along with fast curing properties that provides high early strength. ECMAREP 506 is solvent free material having excellent adhesion property to Concrete and many other substrates. ECMAREP 506 consists of pre-weighted Pack A-Resin, Pack B-Hardener and Pack CSpecially graded fillers.


• High Early Strength • Easy Application • Excellent Chemical Resistance Property • Cured material provides excellent mechanical strength, good adhesion and non-shrink properties • High tensile and flexural Strength. • For carrying out structural repairs, it can be filled into concrete/ mortar cracks/ voids/ pockets


ECMAREP 506 is used as a bedding or Gap filling, Joint filler, anchoring, Fasteners, Under grouting, Base plates, Crane Tracks, Machine Base, etc.