General Purpose Epoxy Putty

ECMA REP 505 is a thixotropic, solvent free, three component general purpose Epoxy Putty which is consist of special epoxy resins, graded fillers and thixotropic agents. It bonds well with concrete and variety of other substrates and can be applied directly to seal cracks, joints, blow holes, etc. and for quick repairs.


Easy to apply and finish ▪ Excellent Mechanical properties ▪ Chemical resistant ▪ Excellent adhesion to the concrete, steel and other surfaces. ▪ Cures without shrinkage ▪ Waterproof once cured


To fill blow holes • Quick Repairing & finishing of damaged concrete surfaces • Eliminating minor irregularities on floors and walls. • Sealing Gaps between Plumbing Pipes and Bathroom Fittings