Solar Reflective, Heat Insulation, Elastomeric Coating

ECMAGUARD THERMOCOAT is pure acrylic, elastomeric high build, Eco- friendly, Energy Efficient. Solar Heat Reflective coating for roof and exterior walls that significantly reduce absorbed heat in the building envelope. This coating lessens the urban heat islands effect, which allows cooler buildings. A cooler building means reduced cost of air-conditioning and lower Carbon di- oxide emission. ECMAGUARD THERMOCOAT is designed with high quality titanium di oxide which reflects >80% of Solar Radiation and specialty Nano Ceramic hollow spheres which reduces heat transmission. When it is applied on exterior side walls and roof, it reduces energy costs. The cured ECMAGUARD THERMOCOAT also acts as elastomeric, waterproof membrane.


• Water Based, Non – Toxic, Non-flammable and User friendly
• No VOC Content
• High Solar Reflectance, help reducing Air-Conditioning costs
• Protects from Carbonation, acid rains and alkali solutions
• Excellent UV Resistance and Weather Resistance
• Excellent resistance to Dirt pick up
• Single Component with Easy Application
• Can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray on horizontal & vertical surfaces
• Excellent Bonding with concrete, masonry surfaces, metal, wood, etc.
• Can be tinted to different shades using suitable pigments


• Old and new flat or sloped Roofs
• Metal/ Concrete Roofs
• Exterior walls of Residential, Commercial or Industrial Buildings