Elastomeric, Anti-Carbonation & Protective Coating

ECMAGUARD 555 is a single component, Acrylic Polymer based, UV stable, weather resistant, Anti-Carbonation and Protective Coating. It is highly elastomeric coating having excellent bonding & waterproofing properties and can be used for new and old concrete and steel reinforced structures. It is designed to resist algae & fungus and to protect structures from harmful effects of water and other pollutants. It is a breathable coating with good water vapor permeability but highly resistant to the ingress of chloride ions and diffusion of carbon dioxide & harmful gases.


• Water Based, Non - toxic, non-flammable and user friendly
• No VOC Content
• Protects from Carbonation
• Excellent UV resistance and Weather Resistance
• Single Component with Easy Application
• Can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray on horizontal & vertical surfaces
• Excellent Bonding with concrete and masonry surfaces
• Available range of Colors as per RAL shades
• Primer Available for better Protection


• Over Bridges, flyovers, elevated Road/ Metro structures
• Tunnels, Underpasses, Car Parking’s, etc.
• Buildings & Structures in coastal and high Pollution& Rainfall zones
• Dams, Towers, etc.