ECMAGROUT PUG 800 is a single component, hydrophilic, MDI based, solvent and phthalate free polyurethane to be used as water stop system producing an elastomeric gel. When injected in to leaking structures, it reacts with water in a controlled manner to form a flexible, hydrophilic gel that permanently stops water leaks and consolidates the ground behind and under concrete structures.


• Deeper penetration to fine cracks due to exceptionally low viscosity • Flexible and Hydrophilic Gel • Excellent adhesion to concrete • Very good chemical resistance to most acids & alkalis. • Can withstand high hydrostatic pressures. • Water soluble in uncured state • Suitable for the applications where fluctuating groundwater levels are encountered • Solvent, TDI and Phthalate free • Non-toxic, suitable for use in contact with potable water • Suitable for hot and cold climates


• A liquid but solidifying gel membrane applied to the positive side of a concrete structure from the negative side • A vertical barrier to fill the voids/joints in masonry walls • To stop water leakage into underground sumps, pits etc. • Soil stabilization for foundations. • To prevent water ingress, oozing from ground. • Preventative or remedial waterproofing of structures. • Shutting off heavy water leakages • For sewer repair, manhole repair, soil stabilization, etc. • Possesses excellent adhesiveness to soil particles and it is therefore can be useful in landslide prevention & Consolidation of loose or unstable ground.