Aqua-reactive, Expanding, Polyurethane Injection Grout

ECMAGROUT AQUA PU 1K is a single component, low viscous, non-ionic sealing liquid which reacts with water in a controlled manner to form a swelling resilient adhesive, solid in density and strength appropriate to the designed task. When injected under pressure into leaking structures and through the process of polymerization, a permanent flexible water barrier is formed. ECMAGROUTAQUA PU 1K is very effective solution to be the used as last resort, when all conventional grouting methods to stop leakages have failed.


• ECMAGROUT AQUA PU 1K reacts with saline & mineral water, regardless of temperature and exerts remarkable solidifying properties even in structures where water flow is violent.
• Short gel time produces highly tough, elastic and resilient gel which is chemically stable and non-degradable. This ensures stoppage of water.
• Due to low viscosity, even smallest cracks and pores can be impregnated due to surface-active property and volume increase during reaction.
• It possesses excellent adhesiveness to applied materials.
• ECMAGROUT AQUA PU 1K possesses excellent adhesiveness to soil particles and it is therefore can be useful in landslide prevention. It stops water from oozing and solidifies the ground with high strength.


• To stop water leakage into underground structures (basements, tanks, sumps, pits etc.).
• Soil stabilization for foundations.
• To prevent water ingress, oozing from ground.
• To serve as a water barrier in basements, gravel bedding as damp proof course.
• Preventing leakage in tunnels, deep underground structures, water retaining structures, sewer pipes, concrete cracks and expansion joints.
• Stabilization of abutment and bridge piers.
• Preventing leakage through dams, Solidifying and creating a water barrier in rock and earth fill dams.