Polyester Resin Anchor Grout

ECMAGROUT 307 polyester resin grout is pre-measured, two parts, high strength, polyester resin grouts. After hardening the grout produces anchorages of consistent reproducible values. It is used where the difference between the hole diameter and bar diameter is < 38mm.


• Usable at Low Temperature • Rapid strength gain • Vibration resistant • Corrosion resistant • Non-expansive. • Can be placed underwater


ECMAGROUT 307 is used for high strength corrosion resistant anchoring of bolts and bars from 12 - 20mm diameter into concrete, rock, masonry or brickwork where high speed of installation and early application of load is required. Permanent installation of reinforcement starter bars, foundation bolts, base plates, barriers and safety fences, railway tracks, tie-back anchors, reinforcement dowelling abutments, ground anchors for towers, cranes, dock sills.