Low Viscous, Solvent Free Epoxy for Injection Grouting

ECMAGROUT 305 is a two-component, low viscosity, high strength, injectable epoxy (comprised of resin and hardener) designed to repair & seal concrete cracks, honeycombs, voids and strengthen the concrete structures.


Low viscosity - it can be injected in to very fine cracks & voids • Solvent Free • Self-resin curing process – faster strength development • High Strength – suitable even under heavy loads & stresses • Excellent adhesion – Good bonding with concrete and other substrates • Non-shrink - No loss of concrete surface contact • Chemical resistance with stands most chemicals, acid and alkalis. • Usable at Low Temperature


ECMAGROUT 305 is an ideal low viscosity product for crack repairs, rehabilitation of structures showing hairline cracks, to seal voids, honeycombs and cavities in concrete structures like roof slabs, beams, columns, walls, and other structures to make them structurally sound.