Plasticized Expanding Grout Admixture

ECMA GROUT 304, a plasticized expanding grout admixture is supplied as a powder. The material is a combination of a plasticizing agent and a gas producing expansion medium. The plasticizing agent allows the use of a reduced water/cement ratio with consequent increased strengths and durability. The expansive medium counteracts the natural settlement and plastic shrinkage of the grout and aids stability and cohesion.


• Gaseous expansion system compensates for plastic shrinkage and settlement in properly designed cementitious grout. • Reduced water/cement ratio mixes in the grout mix ensures low permeability and long term durability in service. • Gives grout high fluidity with low water/cement ratio, thus making placement or injection of the grout easy. • No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion in the grout. • Composition allows high early strength development in grouts, without the use of chlorides.


ECMA GROUT 304 is an admixture for cementitious grouts where a reduced water/cement ratio and positive expansions are required. Applications include bed grouting, duct grouting, non-shrink infilling and jointing.