Acrylic Polymer based Primer and Sealer for undercoat

ECMACOAT ACRYPRIME is acrylic polymer based primer, sealer and excellent bonding agent for ECMASHIELD 555, ECMASHIELD THERMOCOAT and other Acrylic coating and cementitious screeds products as undercoat/primer. This product is specially formulated for combination of excellent coverage and adhesion with quick drying and trim finishes. It is suitable for interior and exterior use as undercoat on a verity of surfaces.


• Water Based, Non-toxic, non-flammable and user friendly
• No VOC Content
• Single Component with Easy Application
• Can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray on horizontal & vertical surfaces
• Excellent Bonding with concrete and masonry surfaces


ECMACOAT ACRYPRIME used as an undercoat for Acrylic coating and cementitious screeds as below structures.
• Over Bridges, flyovers, elevated Road/ Metro structures
• Tunnels, Underpasses etc.
• Buildings, Walls, Old and New Flats
• Dams, Towers, etc.
• Concrete Floors