Two Component, High Build Coal Tar Epoxy Coating

ECMAGUARD 407 is two component, cold cure, high build, Coal Tar Epoxy based protective coating. It is used as an anticorrosive & protective coating for concrete and steel structures because of its excellent chemical resistance properties in atmosphere or in contact with chemical solutions such as effluents, sewage, salty water and organic / inorganic acids & alkalis. It is most suitable for structures in marine exposure or in submerged conditions.


• Steel Pipes and structures
• Concrete Structure
• Marine Piling
• Sewerage & Effluent Treatment Plants
• Chemical processing
• Sea-water tanks, channels and intakes
• Waste processing equipment setup etc


.• Protect Steel & Concrete Structures in aggressive environment
• Excellent protection from Corrosion
• Easy Application by Spray or brush
• Abrasion – Resistance to abrasion makes it suitable for application over floors of tanks & concrete rafts before filling the soil.
• Chemical resistance – Resistant to wide range of acids, alkali & salt solutions, effluents & sewage
• Economical and cost effective