Smoothing and Leveling Compound

ECMASCREED 415 contains high quality synthetic resins, special cements and selected fillers when mixed with water, a mortar with free flowing properties is produced. The mixed mortar can be applied up to a maximum thickness of 10 mm in one application or 20mm in two applications but will more normally be applied at 3 -10mm. For smoothing applications ECMASCREED 415 can be applied at minimum1.5mm thickness.


Requires only addition of water at site • Easy to use • Excellent bond strength • High compressive strengths • Excellent surface hardness • Fast drying for early utilization • Highly durable • Can be pump or trowel applied


• Used to level and smooth uneven internal sub floors such as concrete, cement / sand screed, tiles, etc. prior to the installation of finished flooring • t is ideal for use in interior floor screeds. • It can be applied on cement mortar and concrete surfaces.