Food Grade Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

ECMAGUARD 401 is a two component, solvent free, 100% solids, food grade, high build Epoxy Coating meant for Potable Water Tanks, pipelines, reservoir, etc. ECMAGUARD 401, a fast-drying epoxy coating is formulated with special grade resin, hardener, non-toxic pigment & additives designed for permanent water contact and is an effective seamless waterproof layer providing long term protection to steel and concrete substrates. Available in wide range of colors.


• Can be applied by brush or roller
• Very good moisture barrier property
• Solvent free, Contains no VOC i.e. a GREEN PRODUCT
• Excellent adhesion on concrete and steel surfaces
• High-build, higher DFT in single coat to avoid multiple coats
• Cured Film is seamless, hard and abrasion resistant
• Water impermeable and corrosion resistant
• Hygienic - cured surface is tough, smooth & easy to clean
• Long service life


• Potable water storage concrete tanks (overhead & underground)
• Process water tanks, and steel tanks & pipelines
• Dairy, Breweries, Meat & Food processing plants
• Coffee/ Tea processing units
• Pharma industries, Laboratories
• Reservoirs, Swimming Pools, Fish ponds, etc.