Flow applied 3 mm thick solvent free epoxy resin based floor topping

ECMAFLOOR ESL 413 is a high build four component solvent free epoxy self leveling floor coating system with high chemical and abrasion resistance property. ECMAFLOOR ESL 413 all components is pre-weighed for on-site mix. It provides non dusting easy cleaning with glossy finish floor.


• Good resistance to wide range of chemicals
• Good abrasion resistance
• Self levelling property with high bonding and adhesion property
• Hygienic-Provides dense, impervious seamless floor which is easily cleaned
• Attractive-Available wide range of colour for attractive floors to enhance to working environments.


ECMAFLOOR ESL 413 is designed for use in wide range of industries with medium to light vehicular like forklift, trolly etc. for all kinds of industries like Power Plants, Pharmaceutical plants, Food processing Plant, warehouse, cold storage , subway, Flats Floor, Rooms and Kitchen, Hotels etc.