Non-Metallic Dry Shake Concrete Surface Hardener

ECMAFLOOR 431 is ready-to-use blend of factory processed and specially graded non-oxidizing, non-metallic, hard wearing aggregate, special cement and additives to improve abrasion and wearresistant properties. When it is broad casted on freshly laid concrete and finished, ECMAFLOOR 431 cure monolithically to provide a tough, dense, non-porous surface which is extremely hardwearing and abrasion resistant. Monolithic cure ensures that problemsnormally associated with thin Granolithic screeds, viz., shrinkage, cracking, etc., are completely eliminated. Being non-metallic, ECMAFLOOR 431 provide a non-slip surface which will never rustand disintegrate.


• Non-metallic - does not rust or stain, safe to be used for dry as well as wet areas. • Provides a hard, abrasion resistant surface • Superior densified surface than plain concrete which increases resistance to penetration by oil, grease, hydraulic fluids, motor fuels, and many industrial chemicals • Compatible with vacuum dewatering flooring (VDF) system Facilitates fast construction with minimum site costs. • Prevents cracking by allowing expansion / contraction during atmospheric changes. • Bonds well with most conventional cementitious substrates


ECMAFLOOR 431 is ideally suited for use in all types of industrial floors, which are subjected to heavy traffic movement. It can withstand the impact load due to movement of heavy load over the floor topping. It is specially recommended in heavy engineering industries, power plants, loading bays, trucking lanes, car parking, workshops, machine shops, ramps and spillways.

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